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CV- Rahima Akter

I want to be a Pilot and I believe that I will fulfill my dream one day. "DREAM HARD WORK HARDER"

Causes of the start of World War I

Europe in 1914 was primed by treaties, rampant nationalism, and mistakes to be set ablaze by an assassination in Sarajevo. The history.

CV- Shima Akter

I am very hardworking, regular and punctual toward my work. I am also confident on my self and energetic. I am very passionate about law.

How to Make a CV Qard

This Qard will give you detailed instructions how to make a CV (resumé) to send to potential sponsors.

CV- Ferdous Hossain

I am very hard working and passionate about software engineering. I want to build an IT school in Dhaka for slum children.

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