Are we being more or less open minded these days?

Are we more or less receptive to ideas that are new or different to our own?

Research from, an organisation dedicated to having 1 billion people practicing emotional intelligence by 2039, suggests that we are becoming less empathic to the world.

We appear to be becoming less tolerant of the views of others and politicians are seen to be less gracious to one another when expressing their different views. This is coming from a fear-based paradigm, one of scarcity, not of abundance.

Where could you be more open-minded in your life? Where do you have limiting beliefs?

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Ask yourself: how can I be more open-minded today?

Being open- minded allows me to:

  • free my mind of limiting beliefs
  • open up the mind to new ideas
  • be vulnerable and admit that I do not have all the answers
  • make mistakes
  • see that there may be other ways of doing things that I haven’t considered
  • open up to consider more options

Act of kindness:  Say YES to one thing today you would normally say NO to.


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