Being patient is having the ability to wait, to endure, and to remain calm even when it seems you’ve been waiting forever.

It’s true when they say ‘patience is a virtue’. My father always used to tell me in the Welsh language: “Cadw mi gey – Keep and you shall have.” He was trying to tell me that if I waited patiently for my surprises instead of ransacking the house to find the gifts, then I would reap the benefits of expectancy, of anticipation, and so prolonging the pleasure.  So true, Dad!


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Ask yourself: what THREE things can I do today to practise being more patient?

Five wait-to-practice patience behaviours:

  1. Practice gratitude
  2. Be mindful of why you are feeling rushed
  3. Make yourself wait
  4. Embrace extra time while feeling discomfort
  5. Breathe!

How do you behave when you are being impatient?  Do these behaviours minimize you or maximize you?

Act of kindness: make yourself wait for something you really want.


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