Have we lost the art of being respectful?

In the past being respectful to our elders was accepted and expected, however these days people need to gain respect at all levels of society.

Being present in the moment is a requirement for being respectful.

Being respectful is an integral part of role-modelling to others, and in turn, encourage others to also be respectful. Evidence from a study at the University of Minnesota highlights that in order for children to respect others, they must first be respected.

And I think that goes for anyone!

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Ask yourself: What THREE things today could I do in order be more respectful?

Tips for being more respectful:

  • Saying ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and ‘excuse me’ are still important
  • To teach respect to children and others, we must model respectful behaviours as adults

Act of kindness: try opening a door to someone or offering a seat on the Metro or bus especially to an older person

Wisdom from Sesame Street


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