Being sincere is being genuine...if you've been offered a sincere thanks for something you've done, the person is probably really grateful.

Being sincere shows others who you are being either at work or home. Sincerity is important because it helps to build trust, according to Dr. Virginia Smith for Character First. People who are perceived as being sincere generally have an easier time getting others to believe in them.

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Ask yourself:  how can I show sincerity to others today?

  • Make steady eye contact, but don’t stare. Look away every now and then, and don’t forget to blink
  • Maintain a relaxed posture, but keep your body slightly poised
  • Don’t try to change your body language to reflect sincerity
  • Always be your true self
  • Sincerity is all about action – it’s what you do that counts!

Act of kindness: try to make someone’s day by being truly sincere


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