Being a caring person means we have the awareness to notice when others are in need and then commit to help them. It is a selfless act.

Caring for both self and others means that you look out for, notice, and then react appropriately when you see someone in need.

As a parent, teaching your children about caring today will give them the skills to help them lead happier, more fulfilled lives tomorrow.

Being close to someone implies a sense of caring for that person, of making sure they feel good about themselves and happy.  When you see someone you care for in distress, then spending time listening to them or reassuring them is a demonstration of caring for another human being.

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Ask yourself: do I really care about myself and other people? If you had to give yourself scores out of 10, what would they be? For self? For others?

Caring means…

  • Helping people in need
  • Asking people about their lives
  • Apologizing when you need to
  • Doing favors for people
  • Sharing
  • Checking in with people
  • Remembering the details about people’s lives
  • Volunteering
  • Being kind to yourself

Act of kindness: show care to someone (could be you) who needs it


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