A wise person is someone who learns all the time and does not look on failure as the end.

In general, the traits of a wise person may be that they are not very talkative because they are very thoughtful but when they do talk, they convey a lot.

A wise person is someone who can adapt very quickly, who follows their intuition carefully, and who does not measure everything in terms what they can get back in life.

Being wise can save us a lot of heartache and negativity in our lives. And who wouldn’t want that?


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Ask yourself: thinking over the past few days, have I been as wise as I could have been?

Here are 8 ways you can become a wise person:

  1. Think before you speak
  2. Balance self-interest with the collective good
  3. Put things in perspective before you jump to conclusions
  4. Don’t blindly accept the status quo
  5. Keep your power – don’t let other people’s negativity upset you
  6. Don’t act impulsively – have a purpose and a goal
  7. Accept other people for who they are – try to understand them instead of judge them
  8. Think positive thoughts & repeat affirmations
  9. Listen to what your emotions are telling you
  10. Act appropriately

Act of kindness: think deeply about the 10 tips above and commit today to following 1-2 of them and work through the list.


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