When we are being hospitable, we are being positive, enthusiastic, and willing to meet the needs of others.

A good definition of hospitable is a person or place who is welcoming, friendly and accommodating to guests. A warm and cozy home that you want to sit down in is an example of someplace that would be described as hospitable.

Being hospitable to others has a positive effect on our physical and emotional wellbeing. The best part is it’s good for both parties. It increases self -esteem, and it can even boost our immune system.

In the Gulf region, the local Arabs are well-known for their hospitality shown to visitors and strangers.



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Ask yourself: what have I done in the past week to be hospitable?

Four tips to being hospitable

  1. Create an inviting environment- tidy desk, or home in shape, so you never feel embarrassed when people visit
  2. Have some welcoming touches like flowers in a vase
  3. Have something to offer guests and visitors
  4. It’s ok to create boundaries

Act of kindness: offer to take someone for lunch, or tea or coffee today.


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