In Positive Psychology research, gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness.

When we feel grateful or show appreciation, it releases feel-good neurotransmitters such as dopamine and oxytocin in our bodies.

Practicing gratitude on a daily basis can elevate our mood, lift depression and strengthen immunity.

A few ways to practice gratitude:

1. Gratitude is something you do, not just a feeling
2. Keep a gratitude journal
3. Say a gratitude meditation or prayer
4. Bring more presence to everything we do
5. Start a gratitude jar

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What blessings in my life do I have to be grateful for? We can all find even the smallest blessing daily to be grateful for, no matter how bad things get for us.

What THREE things can I be grateful for today?

Act of kindness: write a note or send an email to express my gratitude to someone today


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