What would happen if lying were the norm? No one would trust one another, leaders wouldn’t be credible, and the news would be meaningless. Be honest!
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say –  communicate in an open, clear and honest fashion
  • Present both sides of each issue to encourage objectivity, share your rationale behind your decisions
  • If you have a personal bias or a conflict of interest, make it known
  • Don’t shoot the messenger when someone tells you the truth. Thank them for their honesty and treat the information provided as a gift.
  • Admit a mistake or an error in judgment
  • Finally, always be truthful and honest with yourself
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Ask yourself:

Where could I be more honest in my life?

What THREE things can I do in order to be more honest today?

Act of kindness:  Give an honest compliment to someone or a stranger today


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