The Problem

Children in rural areas of developing countries dont have access to a healthy lifestyle due to reasons like poverty ,lack of proper medical facilities,illiteracy,unhygienic food,water,& shelter.

The Action

Providing children with basic education and nutrition along with medical attention ensures that they have a healthy lifestyle.To achieve this introducing various free meal plans in schools so that children come to school atleast for the sake of one proper meal ensures their bodies and minds are nurtured.Providing regular medical and dental checkup as well as health and hygiene counselling results in not just healthy but happy and educated children.Education should not just be limited within the four walls but  an overall development through practical training,physical education and vocational training which will create an interest for learning in children.These should be rights that are easily accessible by every child not just the well to do of the society.

The Outcome

Ensuring that children are being provided with proper food at school will  automatically make atleast a third of the parents in rural areas send their children to school as poverty and inability to provide children with  one square meal a day is one of the main causes for lack of education. Also giving vocational training for children will ensure that you not just teach them the facts but teach them a skill which gives them a trade with which they will be able to provide for themselves once schooling is over.Providing medical care creates healthy children who are the future of the nations.

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”(The Holy Bible)


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