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Niruban Chakkaravarthy, one of our connections who live in Tamilnadu, India is explaining his current situation during the COVID 19. As we can see from the picture above, people who live in his area are still having less awareness of this global pandemic.

How is the situation right now in your city?
Here, our prime minister has announced a complete lockdown up to April 14th. This is the largest lockdown history that has been seen by the current generation but, this lockdown definitely creates huge economic havoc for the government as well as for the people of the nation.

How do you feel your government’s response has been and what has this meant to you and your family?
Basically, I am from south India and my state name is Tamilnadu. Here, the situation is under control. Our state, as well as the central government, took tremendous effect to prevent the COVID 19. However, the government should also prevent and identify the infected victims as well as they should ensure the normal activities which are going in a regular manner. Despite the overconfidence, the people in my area have not much aware of this pandemic situation. They still roaming on common areas, particularly in chai shops while speaking about our world politics.

How are you feeling personally about the future?
I will give one important suggestion for this. We must live with nature. This is the only way for us to survive in the future.

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