We encourage a culture of mutual respect.

The ADNOC Group strives to provide a working environment that respects diversity and looks after its people. Everyone shares the responsibility for fostering an inclusive environment.

For example, how we dress when working for the ADNOC Group is one way we demonstrate our respect for each other. Everyone should adhere to widely accepted standards of professionally appropriate dress, with sensitivity to cultural considerations.

We expect visitors to our premises to meet these standards too.

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How can we show respect to one another?

1. Treat each other respectfully and fairly
2. Be honest with each other and communicate effectively
3. Keep the commitments we make to each other
4. Do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or violence of any kind
What else can you do to live this value of being respectful?

An act of respect: sometimes we hear other people’s opinions that differ from ours. Just respect their ideas and let it be.


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