Staycation ≠ a vacation from your good habits!

Planning  a staycation or just going to enjoy the holiday break at home, remember to keep in mind that even when you’re on holiday you can keep your healthy eating habits intact and lose pounds, or even maintain your weight!

Holiday time is not the time to diet, but it doesn’t mean you should forget all the good habits you’ve learned. Making healthy choices wherever you go is the secret to maintaining.

Ask yourself:  do you really want to come home with all your hard work undone?  A few simple and smart choices can make all the difference:

  • Plan ahead
  • Find a healthy balance. The golden rule!
  • Do your workout early in the day
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Remember food swaps
  • No skipping meals
  • Practice assertiveness skills so you can refuse foods or activities without feeling guilty or hurting others’ feelings
  • Visualise yourself eating healthily prior to the holiday
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Top 10 tips to keep your optional calories in check:

  1. Scan the calorie count, portion size ,and number of servings per container/packet before consuming the food/drink
  2. Track your weekly optional calories  (500 for ladies, 700 for men)
  3. Choose smaller serving dishes, spoons and glasses to eat or drink less calories
  4. Avoid seconds and refills
  5. Take half to go
  6. Eat slowly and make your treat last
  7. Leave three or four bites on your plate
  8. Buy a child-size portion
  9. Limit your toppings
  10. Serve ice cream in a dish instead of a waffle cone. Save 121 calories!

Remember:  Keep your goals visible and in the front of your mind.  Always ask yourself – is what I’m putting in my mouth getting me one step closer, or two steps back?

Check out these Healthy Snack options


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