Buzzwords for Busy Bees cards are designed to nudge conversation, tap into positivity, energise, motivate, and promote wellbeing and self-awareness.

Buzzwords can be used anywhere – in the home, with family, in schools, and at your workplace. In fact, you can use Buzzwords anytime, anywhere in your life and in the life of others.  They can be used for individual, team or even at an organisational level.

Maggie Williams, the creator of Buzzwords, has lived and worked in the Middle East for many years. One way of using Buzzwords is during the holy month of Ramadan, a time of daily fasting, prayers, and reflection.  Here we can celebrate  each day with a Buzzword card to inspire and encourage love, peace, and gratitude.
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Thriving Hives’ FaceBook encompasses all of the intentions of the cards and includes Maggie’s personal passions of wellbeing, nutrition, and positive inspiration.  These passions have fueled her 30 years’ of experience in facilitation and as an executive coach.

Using Buzzwords is easy:

  • Using Buzzwords as an individual – close your eyes and focus on the attitude that you might want to bring forward today. Then choose your Buzzword, let it resonate with you, turn it over, and read the back – “What three things can I do today in order to be more…?”
  • Using Buzzwords with your team – spread all the cards over a large table, invite your team to approach the table, and choose a card. Then gather all the team together, preferably sitting down in a circle, and ask each team member in turn to declare their Buzzword and the three things they can do today in order to be more…

See how things change when everyone collectively decides to commit to engaging in team-centric attitudes and behaviours.


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