Decision making right now requires you to stop, pause, and consider all your options and unintended consequences.

Decision making right now demands total transparency, consider all the options, and be courageous enough to stop and pause.

These attributes are currently being tested in our VUCA environment:

  • Volatile – the situation is unexpected or unknown
  • Uncertain – anything can happen
  • Complexity – the situation may be more complex than at first sight
  • Ambiguous – we’re looking at ‘unknown unknowns’
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  • In a VUCA environment, the old script for leadership is no longer going to work
  • Stress increases in a VUCA environment – be aware you may not be behaving optimally, at your best
  • Find new ways of responding
  • Slow down, pause and reflect to check you have all perspectives

Ask yourself: What is the ‘people impact’ of this decision?

Six Seconds’ Change Cycle


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