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Oil was first discovered in the United Arab Emirates in 1958, at the Murban Bab Oil Field, following an extensive 30-year search.

The well, known as Murban-3, was completed in May 1960, and began producing crude oil at a rate of 3,674 barrels per day.

It took another three years of drilling, the creation of a 112km pipeline, and the construction of an export terminal in Jebel Dhanna, before exports could begin, with the first tanker of Abu Dhabi crude departing Jebel Dhanna port on 14th December, 1963.

Subsequent fields were quickly discovered – including the giant Bu Hasa field, west of Bab, and the Bida Al Qemzan, Asab, Shah and Sahil fields. Then, in 1971, as revenues from oil production started to grow, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan established the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

Check out the video for further details about the start of ADNOC.

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According to Forbes Magazine, collaboration is a skill with three distinct outcomes:

  • Organizations function more effectively
  • Leaders elevate their influence with subordinates
  • Individual contributors become more effective

Leadership is the key factor in encouraging collaborative mindsets and resulting behaviours.  Here are four leadership behaviours that do just that:

Build Positive Relationships
Leaders who can connect with others and create positive relationships are much more effective at collaboration and teamwork.

Communicate Effectively
To collaborate effectively, everyone needs to know what, where, when, how, and why, to execute successfully.

Inspire and Motivate
People want to be inspired to collaborate. They want to see the vision of how collaboration will help them to achieve impossible goals.

Build Trust
Trust is the grease that makes organizations work. When trust is lost, collaboration is impossible.

ADNOC’s values continue to inspire and guide us in making a positive and lasting impact.


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