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We’ve talked in our Zoom meetups this week about the amazing transformation of Beckie (above). Over the last year  Beckie has loss 16 kgs which she attributes to both exercise and good nutrition.

Beckie has had an amazing Personal Trainer, Ben who has put her ‘through her paces’.  Beckie can’t speak highly enough of Ben.

HealthyLife is excited to join up with with Ben at Expert Fitness.  Ben has agreed to offer personal training sessions to HealthyLife members via face-to-face  or Zoom sessions.

Check out the video below between Ben and myself to learn more.

Benefits of exercise

  • helps controls weight
  • can help prevent excess weight gain
  • help maintain weight loss
  • combats health conditions and diseases
  • improves mood
  • boosts energy
  • promotes better sleep
  • can be fun … and social!
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Exercise is one of the core habits of HealthyLife. It is important to introduce it as a daily practice and keep it going as much as possible.  Occasionally you may have to ‘dial’ it down but the key is to ‘keep it going’.

Checkout exercise options available to you:

  • Home workouts
  • Zoom classes
  • Exercising outside – the weather is amazing – cycling, hiking, walking, tennis, other team sports
  • Gym or PT
  • Remember NEAT
  • Virtual Walk   – Click the link for more info.

Ways to stay motivated:

  • Get support or a buddy
  • Pay up front
  • Try something new
  • Make it fun
  • Schedule exercise into your day
  • Measure your progress (download the form to track your measurements)
  • Reward yourself
Download your HealthyLife Exercise Planner and start tracking your exercise


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