Craving is an overwhelming emotional experience that takes over your entire body.
  1. Craving at its best passes after a few minutes. At its worst, it can take over your entire life.
  2. According to nutritional experts, 75% of overeating (for example) is caused by triggers. So don’t worry, if you suffer from cravings, you are not alone.
  3. The Craving Cycle starts with the urge (the craving) followed by the behaviour (finding something that satisfies that craving (chocolate) after which you get the reward (accompanied by the release of dopamine giving your brain a ‘hit’ of pleasure.
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  1. Notice your trigger (environmental cues  such as sight, smell, taste, location or company).
  2. Track when and where your cravings occur.
  3. Adjust your environment and habits to disrupt the cycle.

Note: Once you sense a craving, choose an activity to disrupt the cycle such as: calling a friend, remind yourself about your goal, and physical exercise. Try also using the STOPP technique.

Forgive yourself if you do cave in – these are extraordinary times!

Use STOPP to help with Cravings


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