Avoiding over-indulgence at Xmas in this most difficult of years!

2020 has been a year like no other.

It has challenged us in ways most of us never thought possible. And yet…

Here we all are in December 2020, about to celebrate one of the most meaningful times of the year. So…

Let’s congratulate ourselves for making it through the year, sticking with our weight-loss goals, attending weekly Zoom sessions, staying accountable, and not giving up!!

And now, the key question:  how can we end this year strongly, not tripping up at the finish line but instead, using our knowledge and  habits to manage the emotions we are all feeling at this time of the year?

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Helpful Tips for Christmas

  • Both your food and alcohol intake is something you can actually control so continue to track during these weeks
  • Decide on a Festive weight – whether it is your wish to stay the same or gain
  • Maybe even write it down  and send it to me, or hang it on the Christmas tree or put it somewhere visible only to you
  • Keep the exercise going and try to do even more to combat the extra calorie intake.  Check out these Festive Feast – Walking Time Alternative Treats
  • Think of this season of traditional over-indulgence as a test of how well you can ‘live’ all the good habits you have been practising throughout the year – let me know how you get on!
Check out these tips to avoid weight-gain during the holiday season


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