I want to be a Pilot and I believe that I will fulfill my dream one day. "DREAM HARD WORK HARDER"

Let introduce myself.

    1. I am Rahima Akter from Bangladesh. I have one brother and two younger sisters. I am a elder daughter of my mom. My father left the family but my mom was hard working only for us. I want to be a Pilot in my life and I believe one day I will successful in my life. “Highly unusual” Before I can’t English speaking English but now I can. Because I emprove myself. I have a great dream in my life. I want to help my mom always. My dream is that, I build a new house in Bangladesh by my mom’s name. I like to travelling in the sky in plane. I was struggle in my previous life. And now I want to success in my present life.
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I reading a English book that I will improve my English skills, I attend my English classes for practice myself. I do IELTS Course, I was completed IELTS-1 and got A from there. I got certificate. I will trying to complete all unit of IELTS course.


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