DEWA announced as the top Dubai government organisation in Customer Happiness in 2019

The first Rule of the ‘Ten Rules for Leadership’ that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, mentioned in his book My Story: Fifty Memories from Fifty Years of Service, is ‘Serve the People.’

The purpose of the government’s job is to serve society and the purpose of procedures, laws and regulations is to serve people and make them happier.

To achieve this award, we at DEWA are dedicated each and every day to engage with customers in a more meaningful way by adopting best practices in responsible customer service, and by providing innovative and smart solutions to make our customers happier.

This commitment to happiness has resulted in DEWA topping the Happiness Index in the large Dubai Government entities category with 95% for a second consecutive year.

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DEWA’s Commitment to You, our dear customers:

1. We will treat you with fairness, courtesy, respect and a smile

2  We will cater to your needs with high standards, professionalism, and to the best of our ability

3. We wlil attend to you with utmost transparency

4. We will provide our services through a qualified, helpful and knowledgeable team that is understanding and capable of answering your enquiries

5. We will provide you with accurate service information and requirements, realistic expectations and completion time for each service

6. We will provide you with multi-channel services, bill payment channels, and security deposit refund channels for your convenience

7. We will provide our services through smart and artificial intelligence (AI) channels

8. We will provide innovative solutions to meet your service requirements

9. We are committed towards following sustainable practices for the delivery of electricity and water services and the provision of clean energy

10. We are committed towards informing and educating you about our smart services, conservation tips, and other vital services, procedures and relevant information

11. We welcome your input, feedback, and suggestions to enhance our services

12. We are committed towards the privacy of your information and data

13. We will treat People of Determination according to the highest service levels

14. We are committed to practicing high principles in all our service delivery and media channels

15. We are committed to conducting regular research in order to exceed your expectations

Keynote speech by HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA, at World Energy Congress (WEC) in Abu Dhabi.


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