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Our culture is built on the two ‘Rs’ – Respect and Results. We value our employees, we provide them with opportunities to achieve, and together this produces results.

Our people take pride in getting things Right 1st Time Every Time, have a Can-do spirit and a positive outlook on life.

We share a hands-on attitude, love a challenge, and do everything with a smile on our faces.

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The results of applying the Two R’s?

As the UAE moves towards a knowledge-based economy, the importance of attracting and retaining the best talent to achieve sustainable growth cannot be understated. DHL Dubai has consistently won awards for employee engagement and a great place to work.

DHL made a striking return to the top spot in 2019 from second place last year, thanks to its efforts to ensure its employees have the best possible work environment. DHL has constantly raised the bar when it comes to people practices.

The company has fostered a unique and enviable workplace with an emphasis on Learning and Development. Judges also applauded DHL for a rich, diverse, and sustainable culture characterized by trust, respect and fairness.

A collaborative spirit carries through into every aspect of the working environment, where employees feel they each make a tangible difference. DHL employees admitted to having well-planned career paths, resulting in highly engaged staff and reinforcing the company’s empathetic, familial culture.

DHL believes that no matter what you do, your contribution makes a difference.

Great video here of the breadth of DHL’s reach and impact.


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