For many of us, the COVID-19 illness makes for a very uncertain future. The act of connecting with others reminds us that we're not alone.

Amalia Huda, one of our connections who live in Dubai, UAE is explaining her current situation during the COVID 19. As we can see from the picture above, it is an empty train station with only a few people exist.

How is the situation right now in your city?
Here in UAE, we’re currently on the lockdown. It’s been started since March 26th. We also on a curfew from 8 PM – 6 AM because the government will be disinfecting the whole area.

How do you feel your government’s response has been and what has this meant to you and your family?
The government response has been a bit slow at the beginning but right now they’ve made few positive progress such as the lockdown, drive through testing and many more but, since they’re limiting many activities including the office operational hours, me and my other co-workers are being forced to take our day off so the company doesn’t have to pay us for a while and it worsens my economic condition.

How are you feeling personally about the future?

I feel a little bit anxious but I know that I have to be optimistic. I’m sure this pandemic won’t stay forever and will be over as time goes by as long as we all being cohesive.

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