Stop - pause - think before you act.

Uncertainty creates anxiety as our brains are hard-wired for certainty. It’s ok to feel these emotions and to sometimes experience almost a rollercoaster of up-and-down feelings.

It’s natural.

The purpose of this presentation is to assist you in responding appropriately to uncertainty, to find the strength and wisdom that lies inside all of us, and to apply new skills associated with Emotional Intelligence.

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Ask yourself: how are my emotions right now impacting my behaviours?  Are they supporting or hindering me?

The information you will learn today are:

  1. Cultural dimensions – how much of my thoughts, feelings, and actions are pre-determined by my cultural setting?
  2. “123 KCG” – learn how the Six Seconds Model can assist me at this time
  3. Exercise optimism – exercise optimism to take ownership of my reactions
  4. Live my values – be positively guided by my internal compass
  5. Reframing – enable me to think differently about a situation and gain a new perspective for moving forward
Josh Freedman is the CEO of Six Seconds, the world’s premiere Emotional Intelligence organization


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