Brain shifting - gaining a new perspective to become more flexible in our people management

Once you know your Brain Style, you can begin to apply it by intentionally seeking the opposite perspective to your usual Style.  For example, as a ‘Deliverer’, I could test my perception and assumptions by brain shifting to a ‘Sage’.

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Expected Outcomes from the IPM course:

  • Identify a current workplace challenge and map specific actions to support successful outcomes
  • Recognize their personal Brain Profile and how this impacts their focus, decision-making and drive
  • Gain insight into the Brain Profiles of others, and how this can be utilized to improve interactions
  • Identify their Brain Talents and how these can be leveraged to put EQ into action to increase your effectiveness in leading, collaborating and working with others to improve performance
  • Develop a personal SWOT analysis and commit to an action plan to apply their knowledge to improve cognitive flexibility and people management
Here Josh Freedman, CEO of Six Seconds, talks about how to actually use EQ


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