This one-off 90 minute course helps the participants to explore and then manage their thoughts and feelings around rapid change.
  • Today change is happening across multiple fronts and at breakneck speed
  • Huge challenges confront humankind right now including climate change and the COVID-19 crisis
  • When you think about these challenges, what are you thinking and feeling? And how are they impacting your behaviours?
  • The Change Curve and Change Map are introduced to explain the nature of change and how to manage ourselves when we’re in it
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  • People do not resist change because of logic – it is an emotional response
  • If you are leading a team, you need to be agile in using data-points from both your emotional and rational minds
  • By learning to manage yourself, you will be better able to manage your team by creating safe environments where team members can show courage to step out from their comfort zones and ride waves of uncertainty
Josh Freedman is the CEO of Six Seconds, the world’s premiere Emotional Intelligence organization


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