The world has been presented us with a colossal challenge right now. Staying connected to others is one of the greatest remedies for the world.

Barry Quist, one of our connections who live in Accra, Ghana is explaining his current situation during the COVID 19. As we can see from the picture above, all shops have been closed since the lockdown happened.

1. How is the situation right now in your city?
Here in Ghana, the number of COVID-19 cases keep rising alarmingly. Markets were crowded and there was a lot of “panic buying” stocking of food and other supplies. It was surprising to see people “throw” the social distancing protocol out the window. Some Businesses are slowly collapsing because of low patronage. Workers are being laid off because businesses cannot afford to pay workers.

2. How do you feel your government’s response has been and what has this meant to you and your family?

Personally, I think the government’s response has been brilliant so far. Although I felt that we should have closed our borders earlier. My mom and I are essential workers who’re hence exempted from the lockdown. Although the banks have precautionary measures, we are still at a higher risk of contracting the virus compared to those at home.

3. How are you feeling personally about the future?
For me, I never imagined it being so real and close to us. I really applaud the frontline workers and health practitioners as they battle with keeping everybody alive. If the pandemic continues for a long while, markets are going to tank and people are going to lose their jobs.

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Hanifah Hidayati


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