The Problem

Despite the continuous support from health agencies, why are we still having disease outbreak.Do we need to create central system to control population health. WATER HYGIENE PREVENT ALL OUTBREAK

The Action

  1. Government at all levels should be in charge of water supply to hospitals, rural areas and house holds.
  2. Government should create policies to support such project, as well as sensitize people on water related diseases and, it important in outbreak prevention
  3. Ensure water is accessible and available to all citizen
  4. Also, create source of water in every rural area and/ or aleast half a mile apart distance
  5. Ensure everyone visiting hospital,  and public areas wash their hands before gaining entrance into the facility
  6. Ensure all health and laboratory workers observe 5 moment of hygiene irrespective of the procedure to be perform
  7. Ensure there is portable water source in all rural areas
  8. Educate the community leaders and residents the need to use water regularly for personal hygiene

The Outcome

  1. Provision of water and hygiene would help in preventing feaco-oral disease, such as cholera, dysentery and blindness especially in financial constraint countries
  2. Can help in reducing the spread of pathogenic microorganisms with regular hand wash with water and soap
  3. Help to stop the spread of pandemic disease outbreak such as COVID-19 through regular hand washing with water
  4. Regular washing of face/ eyes with water prevent Trachoma, which is one of the major cause of  blindness in the world
  5. Poorly treated water, when consume can lead to diarrhea diseases such as Trichuriasis or Hook worm infestation
  6. This intervention can also reduce the spread Antimicrobial resistance through regular hands washing with water, then reduce hospital stay enhance improvement in the population health


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