It doesn't matter how slow you move forward as long as you do not stop

Time to take stock

Every so often it is helpful to take time to check-in with yourself.  Are you making progress and working toward your healthy goal?  Do you need to do something differently?  As part of the process, this week is a review of the topics covered during the last seven weeks.

Take time to review the Qard links below (bold italics).   The Qards highlight the key points covered each week.  Have you made the best use of this information?  Are you basing your daily practices on some of these top tips?

Week 1 – New Beginnings

Week 2 – Steps to Success – Setting Goals

Week 3 – Skip the diet – Just eat healthily

Week 4 – Commit to be Fit

Week 5 – The Hunger Game

Week 6 – All you need is Sleep

Week 7 – Smart Snacking

Check out this video on Precision Nutrition ProCoach.

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Do you need to make a change in order to reach your goal – maybe go in a slightly different direction?

Check out the HealthyLife Plans which are directly from the Precision Nutrition program:

  • Be more accountable
  • Change your mindset for good
  • Forget the food rules and restrictions
  • Maintain your goals
  • Gain confidence
  • Experience peace of mind
  • Improve your health

Clients who have followed the program say –

“I’m finding this very effective. I can actually feel it changing my mindset day by day.”

“I feel like I’m being led in the right direction, at the right pace.”

“You are teaching us maintenance habits.”

Check out the HealthyLife Program options. Special offer – 20% discount for March


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