Preparation is the Key to Success

Planning for Success

Consider planning as it is a really effective tool in all aspects of your life.

Planning helps especially with all the challenges that eating healthily bring in order to reach your weight-loss goal.

Planning involves the organising of your eating plan, from the kinds of food you will buy at the shop, to determining how many portions of each food group you can consume a day, to pre-planning and cooking meals and anticipating snacks.

Planning effectively makes losing weight easier, especially in the early weeks, by establishing a routine that you can follow. If you are on top of your planning, you will find that your eating plan will be varied and satisfying, as well as being within all the limits, which will make you more likely to stick to it.

Planning other aspects of your life can also assist you in successfully reaching your weight-loss goal.

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Tips for Planning your Success

  • Food
    • plan and prep meals ahead of time and don’t leave it until you are hungry
    • have healthy snacks to hand
    • shop with a list and never when you are hungry
    • Keep a food diary – If you ‘bite it, you write it’ and if you ‘drink it, you ink it’
  • Sleep
    • plan your sleep routine.  Lack of sleep can cause over-eating
    • create regular sleep-time rituals
  • Exercise
    • plan what, where and when you will exercise
    • Make exercise a top priority
    • Remember – Abs are made in the kitchen – not the gym (20% workout – 80% food)
  • Mindset
    •  set a realistic goal
    •  commit to change
    •  remember – progress, not perfection
  • Downtime
    • Take some time for you, and relax
    • Take a bubble bath
    • Spend time with family and friends
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