This Qard will give you detailed instructions how to make a CV (resumé) to send to potential sponsors.

General Overview

  • before you start, you need the written information from your Elevator Pitch
  • you also need a recent photo in jpeg or png (shoulders up, clear background, well-lit)
  • you finally need to produce a 1-minute video introduction of yourself, sharing your strengths and dreams for the future


  • go to
  • click on Create a Qard
  • select one of the four templates – Qard, Buzz, Pod, and Insight. I suggest you choose ‘Buzz’
  • add the Qard title “CV – your name”
  • upload your photograph
  • in the One Liner textbox, add a brief sentence (< 20 words) about yourself, highlighting your key strengths
  • in the Key Message section, copy and paste your Elevator pitch. Use paragraphs with a line space separating each response to the six questions
  • now add your Introduction Video URL in the video
  • in the Actions section below your video, describe what you are doing right now (part-time job, etc) and what you hope to do after your graduate and return home
  • in the Add Call to Action Button, click Yes
  • copy and paste the URL of a video from YouTube that shows where you live. You might want to choose this video –
  • Three items now need to be filled
  • Call to Action Link – paste your Youtube URL here
  • Button Label – type something here like “Click here to view video”
  • Call to Action/Link Description – type a brief introduction about the video
  • next, go to Add Contact Us Form and click Yes
  • in the Contact Us Label, type something such as “To contact me, click here to send an email”
  • in Email, type in your email address
  • finally, in the Status & Privacy section, under Status, click ‘Publish’ once you are finished designing your Qard. Otherwise, keep it at ‘Draft’.
    In the Privacy section, click on ‘Public’ so that anyone visiting Qarddeck will see your CV
  • to share your CV Qard, copy and paste the URL at the top of the webpage into an email, WhatsApp or social media – eg. this Qard’s URL is


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