As we’re facing the global pandemic: COVID 19, connection and collaboration are the best key to make the world better

Here is a collaboration we’ve made with one of our connections, Binita Soni, who lives in Mumbai, India. She explains her situation during the COVID-19 pandemic. The picture above is the current situation of the street where she lives.

1. How is the situation right now in your city?
Mumbai, the city that never sleeps has been utterly silent. People only come out to buy daily essentials and they are still confused as to what will happen in the future.

2. How do you feel your government’s response has been and what has this meant to you and your family?
The government response was quick. They declared ban on air travel and a nationwide lockdown. My family has been affected psychologically, however, we are ready to take the initiative to help the country.

3. How are you feeling personally about the future?
I feel that the future seems uncertain, however I am optimistic that the government and the people around the world can come together and accept this challenge.

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Hanifah Hidayati


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