Connections were what kept people tied to the world

Kurt Allison, one of our connections who live in Oregon, USA is explaining his current situation during the COVID 19. As we can see from the picture above, It was a couple who canceled their planned wedding and asked people from the neighborhood to come to watch them get married where neighbors could stand 6 feet apart for “social distancing” rules.

How is the situation right now for you in your city?
“For me, personally, the situation isn’t too bad. I am still afforded all the necessities and luxuries needed to make it through our quarantine. I have been to the grocery store two times since we had been given the order to stay at home. As long as I don’t catch the virus, everything for me is going just fine. The only downside is the boredom that comes with staying at home all the time”.

How do you feel your Government’s response has been, and what has this meant for you and your family?
“I have mixed feelings about this. I believe our government right now is doing a decent job. But right now we are trying to play “catch up”. We don’t have the medical supplies and testing supplies needed for the demand. They are scrambling to fill the demand and are still falling short. This could have been prevented if they reacted sooner which I think they should of. Also, my state (Oregon) is completely shut down aside from the essential jobs for the most part. Not all states are acting in this way though and I think we would all benefit if they would”.

How are you feeling personally about the future?
“I believe the future is bright. We have multiple months left of this situation but in the end, I strongly believe we will go back to our normal everyday lives and this will become a thing of the past that is written about in future generations school history books- COVID-19; The virus that shut down the planet”.

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