The Problem

Long Distance from home to the nearest medical facility deters people living in deprived areas to access health facilities.

The Action

Studies in some deprived communities in Ghana has shown that Distance is one of the key factors that prevents people living in deprived communities in accessing health services. This is as a result of travel time and transport cost which has a major impact on Vulnerable groups in these communities. Groups like the poor, aged, and sickly are affected the most.
People living in these communities live farther away from health Centres and this affect their utilisation of health services. The problem of Distance mostly interrelates with other variable factors of need. For instance, how strong will an individual travel to seek a specialist services that is located kilometres away? How frequent one has to access health facilities ?
To remedy the problem of distance themselves, most of these groups mostly resorts to self medications without any medical specialist advise to treat most illness.

The Outcome

  • The introduction of more health facilities like clinics in these areas.
  • Also the use of mobile clinics to go to patients.
  • Introduction of tele health to speed up the access time a patient needs to see a specialist.
  • Developing an insurance package to include partnership with transport services to convey Patients to health facilities.


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