The Problem

Malaria has always been a big problem in Africa and despite all efforts made to eradicate it, it continues to be a a life threat across the continent.

The Action

In the quest to tackle the burden of malaria in Africa, the following actions are taken:

  1.  Health systems are strengthen by building more health centres and training more health personnel.
  2. Mass education is carried out on ways of keeping mosquitoes away from home premises.

The Outcome

The outcome of the study showed that ;

  1. malaria is a burden in Africa mainly because of it poor health system and
  2. Poverty. This is so because, the majority of the population affected by malaria in Africa are the poor. The conditions in which these people live are very deplorable. A survey in most countries showed that these people are illiterates and do not seem to understand how the vector of the disease is transmitted.
Malaria, a killer disease


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