When you notice stress - pause, breathe, and move.

Stress is the most common factor that can cause both anxiety and cravings – cortisol and adrenalin are released when we feel under stress.  This may cause us to crave fatty and salty foods, as well as sugary treats.

In some of us, stress can also shut down appetite.

We all feel and react to stress in different ways and these include:

  • feeling overwhelmed
  • changes in sleep patterns
  • feeling nervous – biting nails
  • sudden panic attacks
  • knots in our stomach
  • headaches
  • irritability and having sudden outbursts
  • lower activity levels
  • act of hysterical humour
  • sudden urges to eat less unhealthy foods

What, or who stresses us include:

  • lack of time
  • unhealthy lifestyle
  • conflicts in the workplace or at home
  • people
  • inability to accept things as they are
  • failure to take time out to relax
  • boredom

Check out the video below which is a guide to understanding and managing emotional eating.

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You can try to manage stress by doing the following:

  • going on a relaxing walk (especially outside)
  • being out in nature or moderate sunshine
  • listening to relaxing music
  • doing a mindfulness practice and meditation
  • having a massage
  • deep breathing
  • laughing
  • snuggling a loved one or pet
  • yoga, gentle mobility, and/or slow stretching exercises
  • gentle swimming or water immersion (such as a hot tub)
  • relaxing in a sauna
  • physical, non-competitive play
  • moderate, occasional drinking — enjoyed slowly and mindfully
  • drinking green tea
  • avoiding your stressors and triggers
  • To help with stress eating, try these:
We all need some stress in our lives. Just how much differs. Find your sweet spot!


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