Aaron Walsh (Mental Skills Coach - Chiefs Rugby Club) outlines the "what, why and how" of mental skills development

Why Mental Skills Matter?

  • How we think and feel about what we do will dictate how well we will perform what we do.
  • Mental skills allow us to convert potential for performance into delivered performance.

What is Mental Skills training?

  • Activities that train the mind so that we shrink the gap between known capability & delivered performance.

How to train Mental Skills?

  • Treat Mental Skills like any skill
    • Assess current skill level
    • Define a pathway for improvement
    • Measure and reflect on improvement
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If performance in any discipline – sport, work & life – is based on physical, technical and mental competence, then we need to invest in each of these areas to raise performance.

In an increasingly complex and competitive world, finding a performance edge may simply come from looking inward. It’s time to normalise the mental skills conversation.

Although written for a sporting context, it applies equally to a knowledge work environment


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