Embedding the key messages from the Nartaqi program into the very heart of Borouge.

Do you remember the three key models of Nartaqi?

  • FEED
    • Frame
    • Evidence
    • Explain
    • Discuss
  • GROW
    • Goal
    • Reality Now
    • Options
    • Will/Way Forward
  • FAST
    • Frame
    • Ask for feedback
    • Specific
    • Thank you
  • The TRUST Equation
    • Trust = C + R + I divided by S
    • Can you remember what the letters stand for?

Are you excited to meet Colette and Peter again, to have some fun catching up with everyone, and to practise the skills to keep the coaching culture message alive in Borouge?

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Ask yourself: what I have done to practise the skills I learned in the Nartaqi Program?

New behaviours and ways of thought take time to become habits, replacing the old and unhelpful patterns of behaviour with fresh new approaches that build a positive organizational culture.


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