Discover the New You with HealthyLife!!

What will not change in HealthyLife?

  • My support for your individual journeys
  • Weekly meetups – informative, social, fun
  • GH Plan will continue to be supported, if you wish
  • Weight-loss milestones will still be celebrated
  • Expected attendance of one session per week
  • Cost – weekly meetup package remains the same with only 5% VAT for you as current members

What else will you get with HealthyLife?

  • Weight-loss will be one of the results of changed behaviours
  • Sustainable behaviour-based outcomes
  • Help you to become more empowered in your daily life
  • Accept there is no best ‘diet’ or plan you should follow
  • Daily practice builds skills that help us to achieve goals
  • Weekly meetups – ongoing option of attending Zoom and face-to-face (you can attend as many as you like each week)
  • Customized packages includes an option to use PN’s digital platform and my personal coaching support to achieve your goal
  • Free PN nutritional guide for everyone

Check out this great video below of Sandra Greene from Woman Leaders Association talking about self-stories. Amazing what we tell ourselves!

Play Video

Post-meetup Work

  • Think about YOUR self-story and write it down for next week – is your story helping or blocking you? Here’s a simple worksheet
    to help you
  • Obtain your personalized Precision Nutrition Calorie, Macro, and Portion Guide by completing the HealthyLife Registration Form and sending it to Karen
  • Get back on track after the festive season – what will you do? Share how you got on next week!!

Learn more about HealthyLife by clicking on this link here.

Check out John Berardi’s article on the importance of practicing one strategic habit at a time.


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