Preparing and eating healthy nibbles while entertaining at home with family and friends can be both fun and tasty

More people are eating at home these days and not everyone enjoys three square meals a day. Some of us like to graze!

To add interest and make it a little different during weekend when you have a little more time and can prep in advance, why not consider offering some ‘picky bits’ to serve either as a pre-dinner snack or combine several tasty platters to make a main meal.

Remember you can keep it healthy and continue to see those kilos drop off by:

  • swapping the ingredients for healthier options
  • selecting a healthier cooking method e.g. air-fryer, grilling, etc.
  • including items from across all food groups to make it colourful, appetising, and balanced
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Why not think “outside the box” and come up with some different healthy options from around the world?


  • Olives and Cheese
  • Mini spanish omelettes or quiches
  • Tuna stuffed red peppers


  • Mini-lamb kebabs
  • Hummus – try some different flavours (beetroot or red pepper)
  • Falafels with yogurt (checkout the GH’s recipe on the website)


  • Prunes/ turkey bacon
  • Mini oat cakes
  • Bruschetta
  • Quails eggs
  • Fruit and vegetable crudites
  • Smoked salmon and Philadelphia cream cheese rolls

The options are endless – have fun and enjoy!

Check out the 49 healthy options which includes recipes


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