We work to continually exceed expectations

Academic performance is important for many reasons. It can open the door to opportunity and pave the way for future success, both in higher education and professionally.

However, we believe a values-based, international education is of equal importance. In terms of our value ‘pursuing excellence’, GEMS schools focus on the following:

  • Just as we set educational standards for our schools, we ensure that everything we do is delivered to a high standard
  • We go the extra mile for our students and our colleagues
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Our values-driven international education is expressed through core values which are woven into every academic and extra curricular activity at GEMS schools. We live and breathe four values that form the basis of everything we do. They include:

  • Leading through innovation
  • Pursuing excellence
  • Growing by learning
  • Global citizenship

With these values at our core, we encourage independent learning and empower students to embrace responsibility. Students at our top private schools learn to celebrate diversity in a spirit of understanding and tolerance that helps them become citizens of the world.

GEMS Education, a globally leading education provider, partners with the #WorldGovSummit to improve the state of the world through learning.


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