TWIST E1052: Insights from working on Google+, importance of asynchronous communication on distributed teams, Holacracy & more!

Key Takeaways on Team Culture & Leadership

  1. Open & transparent work practices (this is what promotes) create psychology safety for leaders & team members.
  2. Software tools like are not inherently good or bad e.g. great leaders will use them to facilitate collaboration & productivity and fearful managers will use them like “big brother” to micro-manage.
  3. Team culture and leadership styles exist on a spectrum and have to be able to adapt to the situation the team finds itself in.
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Applying the knowledge

  1. Reflect on your own leadership/communication/work style. Identify a situation when you have acted from fear rather than power. Dig a little deeper; what belief or story was “running the show” causing you to behave in this way?
  2. Make a list of the things you will start doing and things you’ll stop doing as a leader that will have you lead from power rather than fear. Hint: who do you have to be as a manager e.g. trusting, open, vulnerable, to be able to lead this way?
  3. Choose one action you will take from your list that you’ll implement this week.
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