The Problem

How to improve drinking water? What is the cause of water pollution. What is the solutin? How to ensure that people drink safe water?

The Action

The Government should first ensure the safety of people’s drinking water. For example, China has adopted an amazing water conservation project(Sourth-North Water Transfer Project),is a multi-decade infrastructure mega-project in the People’s Republic of China. Ultimately it aims to channel 44.8 billion cubic meters of fresh water annually from the Yangtze River in southern China to the more arid and industrialized north through three canal systems.

The Outcome

As of June 3,2020, the first phase of the central line of the South-to-North Water transfer Project has been safely carrying water for 2000 days, with a cumulative total of 30 billion cubic meters of water flowing north, which has benefited 60 million people along the route. Among them, the safety factor of water supply in central urban area of Beijing increased from 1 to 1.2, and the water level of shallow groundwater in Hebei Province increased from 0.48 meters to 0.74 meters per year before treatment.

Sourth-North Water Transfer Project


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