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Sérgio Cecato, one of our connections who live in São Paulo, Brazil is explaining his current situation during the COVID 19. As we can see from the pictures above, it’s the São Paulo city during the lockdown situation.

How is the situation right now for you in your city?
Here in Brazil, we’re living a quarantine since March 21st, but as the adherence has been fallen in the last 2 weeks, the State of São Paulo Governor extended in more 2 weeks, up to April 22nd. They also determine public isolation through measures of closing shopping malls, parks, and the commerce in general except for the essential services, such as grocery stores and pharmacies. Many companies allowed the employees to work remotely, including the one I work for but some others that depend on the machines to operate are still opened but in low capacity.

How do you feel your Government’s response has been, and what has this meant for you and your family?
Unfortunately, up to now, we haven’t felt any improvements in the current scenario but, about 70% of Brazilians agree to support the Government’s actions. The Government has also taken some economic actions to reduce the crisis by disposing of credits for the less favorable people and opened credit lines for micro-companies with reasonable interest. The Brazilian government also adopted some border restrictions to avoid enter contaminated people through border inspection and flight cancellation.

How are you feeling personally about the future?
Brazil was trying to recover from a decade of economic stagnation but COVID 19 has happened, so the perspective of a turning point and put the economy on the trail again has postponed, and we’ll suffer a year of recession. Regarding the feeling of insecurity that is surrounding us at this moment, I think it will perdure for some time until the disease is controlled worldwide.

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