Even my Flaws are Fabulous - Accept myself as I am right now - I deserve it!

The best place to start on a weight loss journey is to improve your relationship with yourself.  Listen to how you talk to yourself.   Do you treat yourself as you would a dear friend?  Here are some strategies to improve your self-acceptance.

  1.  Affirmations – start telling yourself “I am enough, just as I am”. When you hear yourself saying “I am not thin enough” or “I am not good enough” or “I am not successful enough”, respond by telling yourself, “I AM enough, just as I am”.
  2. Give yourself permission to mess up – forgive yourself if you ‘fall off the wagon’.
  3. Shift your focus away from your weight – think about  your overall well-being and the non-scales victories (your jeans are fitting better, your sleeping has improved, how you feel when you eat better?).
  4. You are not alone – people around the word struggle with their weight – 160 million in the US.
  5. Give yourself a compliment everyday – if this is difficult, think of everything your body does for you.
  6. Journal about your feelings – accept your feelings whatever they are. Write them down, take a deep breath, and then let them go.

The video is longer than usual but there are some very useful self-acceptance messages .

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Following self-acceptance, you are ready to take charge of yourself and work towards your weight-loss goal.

Do you?

  1. Attend a Zoom meeting every week
  2. Weigh your food
  3. Keep a food diary
  4. Lose weight consistently
  5. Plan and shop mindfully
  6. Exercise regularly
  7. Make changes, not excuses
  8. Keep going
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