There is No Diet that will accomplish what Good Eating Does!

Yes, Adele did diet and look at the results but we don’t all have a personal dietitian and trainer on hand!

We all know that diets are difficult to sustain long-term, and often don’t work at all.

No matter how much you exercise, what you eat will determine how you look and feel.

Worse yet, diets can add needless stress and complication to our lives. We don’t want yet another thing to manage and worry about. We’re all busy enough as it is.

But if not a diet, what can you do?

Precision Nutrition (PN) has conducted research for over a decade with thousands of clients, men and women from all walks of life, from multiple Olympic gold medalists to people who have never once set foot in a gym (and don’t intend to).

They have discovered the answer: to get in shape once and for all, you have to do things simpler than people expect, for longer than people expect.

In place of a diet, which is a bombardment of changes you’re expected to make all at once, PN suggests you find your “one small thing” to change. In short, decide what small thing you can do right now, today, to put you on to the right road.

And once you have worked on that one small change, you can take on another small thing to work on for a few weeks until you master it. Then another. Then another. For as long as it takes. The catch is, it takes time — and we live in a “now, now, now!” culture. The benefit is, it works better than you can possibly imagine.

The video below has some easy ideas to put you on the road to healthier nutrition – check it out!

Play Video

Keep in mind:

  • Review your Personal Nutrition Guide
  • Use the Weekly Planner – click to download
  • Use your hand to measure your portions – a standard glass can be used to measure liquids (300 mls)
  • Track your daily practices (habits), only one or two at a time.
  • Eat minimally processed whole foods
  • Eat fruit and vegetables across the rainbow
  • Know your Red-light foods
  • Eat slowly and mindfully
  • Keep hydrated
  • It’s all about balance and eating 85% – 90% healthily most of the time.
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