Success is the Sum of Small Efforts Repeated Day In and Day Out

Did you know your brain is programmed to resist change?

If your weight loss goal feels impossible or unachievable, then most likely these feelings are a result of thinking about all the changes you know you need to make.  The whole idea is so thoroughly daunting that you don’t even start.

That’s why making small changes to your eating and activity habits, one step at a time, are so effective. Little by little, you’re sneaking around your brain’s fear reaction to change and avoiding setting off the alarm. This way, you feel comfortable and in control – so does your brain!

By building new habits slowly and working towards your goals, a bit at a time, your brain doesn’t register the big change that is actually occurring.

Aim to lose 1-2 lbs or 500gm to 1 kg per week. This healthy and realistic rate of weight loss means you are more likely to achieve your target and stay there. By losing weight gradually and making one change at a time, you’re ensuring the changes you make become habits that form part of your everyday life.

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This week, try making one or two of these small changes everyday and experience the difference they make to your weight loss:

  • Keep an accurate food diary
  • Drink more water
  • Eat mindfully
  • Cook a new recipe
  • Try a new vegetable
  • Clear out your fridge
  • Remember to practise NEAT
  • Try some food and drink swaps
Check out these food swaps to make a difference


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