Check out the different profiles and find the one that meets your or your clients’ needs:

Serious science made simple.  While many emotional intelligence tests and psychological profiles focus on behavior, these tools look at the drivers. Brain Style is about capability.  Unlike many “style inventories,” the Brain Brief is distilled from a full-power psychometric assessment. Participants take the SEI, the best-in-class emotional intelligence assessment, and responses are analyzed using a special algorithm utilizing all 20 normative scales. In short, the profiles bring a decade of research into an easy-to-use single page profile with profound value for learning, coaching, performance management, selection, and growth.

The Brain Profiler suite of tools includes 3 individual reports and one group snapshot.

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  • Access super-practical, at-a-glance tools that make EQ accessible and practical.
  • Utilize Brain Brief, Brain Talent, Brain Discovery and group Dashboard tools in a wide range of learning programs — and for fostering more effective 1-1 coaching.
  • Understand your own EQ, Brain Style and Brain Talents and how to leverage these EQ insights to improve.
  • Learn to use the TFA Cards to introduce EQ and to use EQ to solve specific challenges.
  • As seen in numerous published case studies, Six Seconds tools and methods address a range of organizational and individual needs, from improving leadership at FedEx to strengthening collaboration at Siemens to building client-centered service at Qatar Airways.


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