Gratitude is a warm feeling of thankfulness towards the world, your 'self' or towards specific individuals.
  • The difference between feeling grateful and expressing gratitude is the former is an internal feeling or thought while the latter is an external behaviour
  • Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance (Eckhart Tolle)
  • When you love what you already have, it fills you with enthusiasm and energy and as a result, you end up creating more abundance with that positive energy. This is the power of the law of multiplication
  • When you express your gratitude, you are actually giving something very special back to the other person as well as giving something precious to yourself. You are activating the Law of Multiplication in both of your lives

Check out the video clip below from the movie “Pay It Forward”.

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  • Keep a Gratitude Journal
  • Remember the Bad Times
  • Ask Yourself Three Questions

1.“What have I received from __?”

2.“What have I given to __?”

3.“What troubles and difficulty have I caused __?”

  • Meditate and pray
  • Come to your senses
  • Thank someone mentally
  • Watch your language
  • Go through the motions – smile, say thank-you, etc
  • Think outside the box – be creative in expressing gratitude
  • Write a letter of appreciation to someone in your life whom you may not always thank or appreciate
  • Acknowledge the ‘good things’ in your life
  • Give yourself 5 mins each day to think about gratitude and to celebrate daily victories
  • Be mindful of your communications with others – adopt a grateful mindset
  • Make a promise to practise gratitude each day
Everyone can help to make the world a better place!


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